Legendary Izmir Tour

On the private guided tour, of this city you will visit The Archaeological Museum, Ancient Agora, Ethnographical Museum and view the famous Izmir Clock Tower and the Castle of Alexander on Mt Pagos. We conclude the day with the day at the renowned Kemeralti Bazaar. Izmir Archaeological Museum (Closed on Mondays) Ethnographical Museum (Closed on Mondays) […]

Legendary Istanbul Tour

A full-day tour of Istanbul is a perfect introduction to the only city that is on two continents. When Istanbul was also known as Constantinople and was the capital East Roman Empire and the wealthiest metropolis in Europe. With your guide you will visit the highlights of historic Istanbul. As you walk through the ancient Hippodrome, which […]

Legendary Ephesus Tour

Kusadasi is near to the ancient city of Ephesus. Cleopatra, Mark Anthony, Virgin Mary and John the Apostle once walked its streets. It is considered an open-air museum. The city has more than 30 structures on each side of the streets that still bear the mark of ancient chariot wheels. Your guide will show you […]